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Epson M150II-001 PRInternational MECHANISM
  • Epson C41D156011
  • Epson C41D156011

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Epson M-150 Ultra-compact and very reliable The M-150 series of impact dot matrix printers is the world inch s most compact. They weigh less than 80 grams yet offer extremely high performance. Perfect for compact drives Because they are so compact and require so little power the M-150 series is ideal for numerous printing applications from handy terminals to laptop computers and compact measuring instruments. A variety of symbols and characters The graphic printing capability allows the M-150 series to print out a variety of symbols as well as alphanumeric characters. Battery operatable The low power requirements of the M-150 series allows it to operate on a Ni-Cd battery. Four models to choose from From the models available you can choose the one that accommodates your paper and column requirements Resources :

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