Established in January 2001, Acquire is a leading e-commerce website specialising in supplying IT products within the Australasian market. The philosophy is to create a place where customers pay less for their IT purchases and experience a superior customer service standard.

Since its early beginnings, Acquire today has over 100,000 registered customers and has become a multi-million dollar enterprise.

At Acquire we focus on some basic service principles that form the foundation of our operation:

  • Strong focus on customer service standards
  • Customer-centric online purchasing tools
  • Friendly and seasoned telephone account management
  • Solid supply chain supported by local distributors

Where it all began

In good kiwi spirit Acquire was setup with very little capital and enough funding to survive just 8 months before it needed to become self-sufficient.

2001 was the year that many .com giants collapsed and confidence in the market was low. The Acquire philosophy was different and rather than create a website business for the purpose of listing on the share market, the goal was to build a sustainable business and focus on a long term growth strategy.


Acquire has received many awards from authorities across the IT industry and greater business community.

Check out our trophy case.

The Acquire e-volution

The founding principles that formed the establishing business model have continued and innovation of both web tools and company processes occur daily as part of a rapidly changing and improving enterprise:

  • More powerful tools
  • New products
  • Learn what customers do and develop process's to assist
  • React to what customers want and ask for
  • Reward customer loyalty

At Acquire we are constantly helping customers drive down the Total Cost of Ownership associated with IT procurement:

  • Special Tools for special groups
  • Customised pricing and finance options
  • Syndicated Procurement tools for our Government customers
  • Historical purchasing analysis for our Business customers
  • Supplier aggregation to reduce supply-chain costs
  • Integration with the customers existing procurement processes

Customised portal sites

We focus on assisting large groups in their goal to help members gain extra benefit associated with their membership. Better prices and standardised customer service, are key elements that all large groups seek when sourcing preferential value add benefits for members.

Commitment to Education

Save up to 80% on standard business pricing!

Focused on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) reduction, Acquire supplies technology and electronics to schools and universities nationwide. Did you know however that you may be eligible for a further discount? The objective of Acquire Education is to highlight any discounts, special offers or programmes that exclusively apply to the education sector within Australia.

Why Acquire benefits education:

  • Special Pricing on education products
  • Analysis of historical data to assist in identifying over usage and managing supplies
  • One stop shop for supplies, software and hardware
  • Highly competitive leasing options
  • Access to professional IT support

Tailored quotations are available from our highly knowledgeable sales team and an even better price can be negotiated with volume purchasing.

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