Though sometimes overlooked, networking is key to the success of digital transformation initiatives. Here are six design principles to keep in mind

Digital disruption is the reality for most businesses and IT organisations today. To succeed in a digital transformation, you need a communications fabric in place that goes beyond simply connecting infrastructure. Your organisation’s network must participate in and enhance the business outcomes you are looking to achieve. Assuming that the network is a “commodity” and “will do what it’s supposed to do” is a mistake that diminishes your ability to maximise the outcomes from the solutions you are deploying.

When thinking about this communications fabric, keep in mind these six key design attributes that will enable you to differentiate from your competitors (who are no doubt running their own digital transformation initiatives). Your network should be:

1. Application-driven. You’ll want a network that responds to and enables your business application requirements.

2. Secure across multiple clouds.
 Create a multi-cloud networking platform with unified control, encryption and visibility that enables a transparent public, private and hybrid cloud approach.

3. Fluid.
 Aim for a fluid network architecture that seamlessly configures resources anywhere inside the data centre, in the public cloud, or in the branch/campus environment.

4. Intelligent and automated.
 Remove operational complexity and increase automation to reduce costs while increasing network quality and uptime.

5. Agile. 
Design your network to support an Agile approach, ready for DevOps and NetOps.

6. Equipped for robust governance.
 Eliminate shadow IT and deliver on the expectations of stakeholders with an easy-to-use service catalogue clearly mapped to the business needs.

HPE Pointnext Services has built an extensive global network consulting practice to help you harness your network as a driver of competitive advantage. We bring to the table our decades of experience from thousands of client engagements and partnerships with the major communications vendors.

Organisations of all sizes look to HPE to help them move forward in leveraging the network to advance on their digital transformation journey. Here’s why:

1. HPE and Acquire is a one-of-a-kind network system integrator. HPE Pointnext Services is perhaps the only major networking vendor in the industry that also has deep third-party and solution aggregation expertise.

2. HPE and Acquire offers the full breadth of services
, including consumption-based solutions. Our advisory, transformation, professional and support services for networking are now also packaged in an XaaS consumption model.

3. HPE and Acquire bring cloud into the mix.
 Our recent acquisitions of Cloud Technology Partners (CTP) and RedPixie enable us to bring deep cloud and cloud networking expertise to our networking customers.

4. HPE and Acquire deliver the full stack of services.
 We cover the entire technology stack, from (internet of) things to compute, storage and networking infrastructure, to data platforms, to application deployments, to governance, security and management of change.

At Acquire, we have access to the best experts in the country. Contact us to arrange a meeting to dive in deep into your individual requirements.

This article was written by Saadat Malik, HPE VP for IOT and Intelligent Edge Services
Originally posted on 28th August 2019 and reposted by Acquire on 10th December 2019.


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