As a business community, we are all focused on managing the unprecedented Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation with both urgency and a deep sense of care. In an effort to provide you best-in-class tools to help keep your company up and running during this time, we want to make you aware of HP's remote connection software solutions.

Click here to get a free 90-day trial of the ZCentral Remote Boost 2020 software today to keep your business up and running!

The HP ZCentral Remote Boost1 (formerly known as HP RGS) license is included with all Z devices (non-Z devices: trial and full versions available for purchase and download) and allows your employees to:

  • Remotely access graphics-intensive applications without sacrificing responsiveness and image quality
  • Easily collaborate on projects by inviting others to join their session

Download the current HP RGS 7.7 version and upgrade to ZCentral Remote Boost at the end of March!

HP ZCentral Remote Boost (formerly known as HP Remote Graphics Software) is the latest pro-grade solution that harnesses the power of a Z Workstation. Give your power users the performance boost they need to tackle their most demanding, graphics-intensive projects from anywhere.

Now, with our revolutionary software, your power users can get a transformative remote experience. Give them fast responsiveness and image quality, even with film editing and big data visualizations1. Plus, ZCentral Remote Boost is compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux®3.

Our proprietary remote collaboration technology allows global teams to work together in real-time, even on 3D models.

Regardless of what's sent over the network, your information is always encrypted. ZCentral Remote Boost transfers pixels only, so your data remains locked down.

Global reassurance
Each License to use (LTU) of HP ZCentral Remote Boost requires the purchase of 1-year of ZCentral Remote Boost Software Support Service available on This service includes 1-year of phone-in technical support. (Check for availability for your country)
With ZCentral Remote Boost, you get a remote experience developed specifically for the demanding, graphic intensive work for creatives and power users.


Locally resize the remote display without changing the resolution of the remote workstation. Remote collaborators can each resize independent of each other

Zoom, tap and swipe your way to productivity with the ability to control any application.

ZCentral Remote Boost supports 4K2 and multi-display setups, so your users can have the flexibility to work from almost any end-point device5.

With local control and access, you can virtually attach or block a USB device to a remote system6.

Achieve optimal performance, even with low network bandwidth. With Advanced Video Compression (AVC), the pixels being sent over the network are compressed to improve your frame rate4.

HP's software is compatible with most desktop operating systems including Windows, MacOS and Linux®. No need to install any extra drivers or app updates for supported operating systems.

Break free of your network limitations with HP Velocity. Our software improves latency in wide area networks and increases network traffic tolerance, for solid performance even over poor connections.

You don't need any additional infrastructure costs to start working and collaborating remotely. ZCentral Remote Boost is available for download on all Z devices1, available for purchase on non-Z systems and supported on most operating systems.
ZCentral is designed to empower your global workforce. Try before you buy: 60-day evaluation license, software, user guides and white papers available for download from HP's website:

1. HP ZCentral Remote Boost does not come preinstalled on Z Workstations but can be downloaded and run on all Z desktop and laptops without license purchase. With non-Z sender devices, purchase of perpetual individual license or perpetual floating license per simultaneously executing versions and purchase of ZCentral Remote Boost Software Support is required. ZCentral Remote Boost requires Windows, RHEL (7 or 8), UBUNTU 18.04 LTS, or HP ThinPro 7 operating systems. MacOS (10.13 or newer) operating system is only supported on the receiver side. Requires network access. The software is available for download at
2. 4K display for 4K resolution sold separately.
3. HP ZCentral Remote Boost requires a Windows (10 or 7 SP2), RHEL (6, 7 or 8), UBUNTU 18.04 LTS, or HP ThinPro operating system. MacOS (10.13 or newer) operating system is only supported on the receiver side.
4. Graphics hardware acceleration is only supported on Windows and Linux® end-point, receiving devices. Not supported on MacOS.
5. Windows 10 is required on the receiving, end-point device for all Windows and Linux® applications.
6. Not all USB devices supported. Remote USB not supported on Linux® sender. See user guide for more on USB devices.
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