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No need to shout or strain your ears.
Trade-in your old device and SAVE
on a new Jabra Enterprise Device!
*Applies to selected products only. Further Terms and Conditions apply (see below). Please check with your Acquire Business Manager.

Why work with old gear when you can upgrade your communication experience?
Trade-in any branded headset, conference speakerphone or video conferencing
unit, working or not and SAVE on a new Jabra Enterprise Device. 

In line with Jabra’s sustainability journey, Jabra will take your old devices away
and recycle them responsibly for you with our recycling partner Abilities Group, for free!

Abilities Group provide recycling solutions necessary to deliver high
environmental outcomes through the diversion of waste from
landfill thus protecting the environment and future for all.

When you trade-in old headphones they will be disassembled
and sorted into commodities i.e. metals, circuit boards, plastics, glass, cables,
packing, waste etc. This material is then cleaned before sending to the appropriate downstream
service providers for further processing, often resulting in the remanufacture of new products.
Learn about Jabra’s commitment to sustainability here
Terms & Conditions: Trade-in’s must be registered to qualify for discount. Promotion period Jan 1st – December 31st 2022.
Promotion is only valid for Jabra Enterprise Headsets, video conference units and speaker phones - accessories are not included.
One trade-in headset, conference speakerphone or video conferencing unit is eligible for one discounted Jabra device 1:1
Trade-in headset can be any brand, in any condition. Fine Dine morning tea voucher per customer to the value of $200.
Standard terms and conditions apply.
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