In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, public advisories are asking everyone to work from home – which has left businesses of all types struggling with how to ensure their employees can effectively remain productive in this time of crisis. Aruba and the services we offer play a critical role in the ability of our customers to quickly and securely extend corporate services to employees as they work from home. Aruba is responding to this with the same “Customer First, Customer Last” approach that has long endeared us to our customers worldwide for over 17 years.


Successful businesses depend on the ability of employees to connect, collaborate and be productive.

At home connectivity.

Some businesses, such as those in warehousing and transportation, require employees to be physically present to perform their duties. However, for the vast majority, enabling employees to work from home is now essential. Aruba’s Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) client running on an employee’s device establishes a secure VPN connection, and enables them to access corporate resources safely, without the need for additional network devices in the home.

The extended corporate network.

For those that require an office-like experience in the home, Aruba Remote Access Points (RAPs) which include controller-managed access points and cloud-managed access points with VPN (IAP-VPN) offer multiple options for a secure solution that supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.

Leverage the power of the cloud.

One key facet of cloud service delivery is the ability to grow capacity as needed. This current pandemic is an important example of how this capability proves valuable. Aruba Central allows businesses to manage new (and existing) networks simply and without on-site presence. When the need for these temporary installations pass, you can scale back to normal delivery. The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed unpresented challenges for IT teams tasked with ensuring business continuity by enabling a workforce to engage from their home environments. Aruba is honored to help our customers and partners maintain their business momentum in this trying time.


Extend Your Network.

• Aruba Access Points: Extend your network to homes and small offices. Whether working for a large enterprise or small to midsize business, Aruba access points are ideal for workers needing network access from remote locations while maintaining connectivity to corporate services.

•   Virtual Intranet Agent (VIA): Easy to deploy and use software client provides secure remote network connectivity to corporate resources. Use same corporate authentication credentials. Dynamically apply and enforce access policies based on user’s role. Remote and Scalable Management.

• Aruba Central: Cloud-native single-pane-of-glass solution allows IT staff to work remotely while maintaining visibility and control over all vital network services at HQ and all branch offices.

• Aruba AirWave: Granular visibility into multivendor wired and wireless networks. Role-based access and VIA enable remote access to keep IT staff safe and healthy.


As organisations explore ways to enable and secure remote workers, you can count on us to help you through these challenges. Let us know what we can do to help.

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