Regenerating IT for Global Reuse

HP will manage the process of retiring  your old devices in a secure, economical and environmentally responsible manner.


HP Device Refresh is a set of comprehensive solutions that can help you responsibly manage hardware that is at the end of its lifecycle. With Device Refresh, your organisation gets peace of mind by having HP experts dispose of all of your IT devices regardless of brand in a secure manner and also assist in compliance with applicable local policies and regulatory requirements. HP can deliver a regional or global device refresh solution covering most markets, with one point of contact, one price, and one consolidated report for all activity.

Key Points to clarify service  requirements and estimated financial outcomes.

  • Device Specifications and QTY’s
  • Components to be retained by Customer; hard drives, memory or adapters
  • Whether devices have company markings; labels, asset tags or engraving
  • Collection time frame, number of sites and expected Qty per site
  • Possible collection restrictions; high security access or loading bay limitations
  • Processing services required; three pass disk-wipe and/or hard disk destruction

Planning and preparation HP receives and records account information that is pertinent to your Device Refresh engagement. This is used to set up your Device Refresh account. HP or HP Designated person shall forward a welcome packet to your designated contact. This is to ensure smooth execution of the service features mentioned below. An HP customer delivery specialist then establishes an introductory call with your designated contact to review specific steps and timelines related to the Device Refresh program – and to request and schedule the pickup of assets as they become available for recovery.

Pre-Collection planning between HP and Customer clarifies customers service requirements and estimated financial outcomes.

Key items to clarify:

  • Device Specifications and QTY’s
  • Components to be retained by Customer; hard drives, memory or adapters
  • Whether devices have company markings; labels, asset tags or engraving
  • Collection time frame, number of sites and expected Qty per site
  • Possible collection restrictions; high security access or loading bay limitations
  • Processing services required; three pass disk-wipe and/or hard disk destruction

Once equipped with the above information HP can set financial and service level expectations.

Collection & Shipment of devices

Once the customer confirms they are ready to proceed they will need to submit  proposed collection schedule for each site.   HP will thereafter liaise with each site to confirm a suitable collection date and time and discuss any possible factors that may complicate the collection.  Bulky devices such as Copiers, Large Printers and Servers will need to be called out in the first instance as they may require additional personnel and a tail-lift Truck

Customer will need to highlight restrictions such as;

  • Security clearance requirements
  • Loading Bay size and restrictions
  • Time restrictions

Preparing Devices

Prior to collection Customer will be required to ensure all devices have been disconnected and placed in an easily accessible location.   The HP approved Logistics Partner will remove the devices and load them in a secure manner to ensure the devices are not damaged in transit.  Device are then transferred to the HP Partner facility for processing.


All devices go through a detailed assessment and Data sanitisation process. 

A comprehensive audit report is created, detailing device specifications and condition.  Customer asset tag information can be captured if required.

Data sanitisation is carried out in accordance to Customer requirements, the standard service includes three-pass disk wipe.

Options can include removal and destruction and can include three-pass disk wipe together with destruction. 

Destruction process

Hard Drives are crushed using the Nittoh Crush Box which drills four holes rendering the drive inoperable.  Crushed drives are then recycled using the HP Planet Partners recycling programme.

Global Repair Centre

Devices are shipped from Auckland to the HP Partner Global Repair Centre (GRC) in UAE which delivers repair & regeneration solutions for  IT equipment that may otherwise be scrapped. 

Each year over 400,000 devices pass through the GRC, these are sourced from various HP programs in APJ, EMEA & the US.

GRC technicians have access to the latest technology, low cost parts and Custom solutions which enable them to continue to Innovate.


The GRC is subject to a rigorous HP audit process conducted by ERM, a renown international environmental audit firm.  Audits include, but are not limited to, processes around repair and recycling, health & safety and the management of a multinational workforce.

Distribution to Emerging Markets

  • Refurbished Devices are sold into Markets such as; Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal, Laos & Cambodia.
  • The GRC are equipped to provide spare parts and technical training to these Markets to enable localised after-sales servicing.
  • Devices no longer needed or wanted by Corporate Companies and Consumers are highly valued by Consumers in emerging markets whom don’t have the resources to access or purchase new devices.

Financial and sustainability outcomes are maximised when devices are reused, the Key goal for HP device Refresh is reuse.

When a single device can not be refurbished it is utilised for spare parts, for example; components from 3 different  devices may be pooled to create 1 or 2 functioning devices.

When Refurbishment and reuse of components is not possible the  HP Planet Partners program is then utilised to responsibly recycle devices and components.

HP - Reinventing for a circular economy

Talk to the Acquire Team about how your business can reduce it’s impact on the environment and  embrace a circular economy with your IT purchases.

HP products made with ocean-bounce plastics

The HP Elite Dragonfly, the world’s first notebook with ocean-bound plastics also the lightest compact business convertible, weighing less than one kg. Its speaker enclosure component is made with 50 percent post-consumer recycled plastic including 5 percent ocean-bound plastics. HP has upcycled more than one million pounds of ocean-bound plastic bottles as part of its unique operating model for recycling in Haiti.

The HP Elite Dragonfly is one of three HP products made with ocean-bound plastics. Others include the HP EliteDisplay E273d, the world’s first display manufactured with ocean-bound plastics, and the Original HP ink cartridges made with plastic bottles collected in Haiti. To date, HP has sourced over one million pounds – or more than 35 million plastic bottles or more than 450 metric tonnes – of ocean-bound plastics from Haiti for its products. To ensure their ocean-bound plastics efforts continue to scale, HP commits to including ocean-bound plastic material in all new HP Elite and HP Pro desktop and notebook computers launching in 2020.

In addition to protecting the oceans and the planet, HP’s ocean-bound plastic programs are also creating new opportunities for economic advancement and education in local communities. In Haiti, HP’s partnership with the First Mile Coalition has helped create more than 1,100 income opportunities for adults in the country and has provided 150 children with quality education, food, and medical assistance.

In October 2018, HP joined NextWave Plastics, a consortium of worldwide businesses committed to scaling the use of ocean-bound plastics. NextWave’s nine global member companies are convened by Lonely Whale, an award-winning incubator for courageous ideas that drive impactful market-based change on behalf of our ocean. NextWave member companies are currently on track, in alignment with UN SDG 14.1, to divert a minimum of 25,000 tonnes of plastics, the equivalent to 1.2 billion single-use plastic water bottles, from entering the ocean by the end of the year 2025.

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