Why HP Active Care means not having a (PC) care in the world

Rolling out a new PC fleet in 2023? You would have planned your Budget, but have you budgeted for loss of productivity throughout the lifespan of the device? With HP’s Active Care support solution, take any guesswork out of support and provide your people not only with the latest & greatest HP Notebooks, but also the assurance that wherever they go their device is fully supported and backed by HP technical support professionals every step of the way.

It’s a very good idea and a sound service, which is why Acquire recommends it particularly for those who are on the go or have teams on the go.

And of course, these days far more people than ever are mobile workers. We are our offices, with the laptop (yes, and other mobile devices…but the laptop remains the most versatile, ergonomic and powerful option for most people) at the centre of on-the-go productivity setup. With people working all over New Zealand, Australia, and increasingly the rest of the world, support becomes a problem even if you have in house expertise.

It’s not hard to see why. Even if someone is just across the ditch, that two (sometimes three) hour difference is a killer. Let’s say your support person knocks off at 5, but an exec has a late afternoon meeting downtown Sydney at 4pm, with a laptop which won’t turn on. At a minimum, it’s a hassle. Put that exec in the UK delivering an important presentation at 9am and the hassle just intensified. And if it’s a failed hard drive, no Zoom call in the world is going to diagnose and repair it.

What’s HP Active Care, then?

The concept is quite clear: receive remote PC support for anytime, anywhere workers, from a global tech giant with proven capabilities.

While such a service is ideal for almost any sized customer, it is especially suited to companies with up to 100 employees. If your company falls into this category, you’ll appreciate why: there isn’t an IT department, there might be an IT person (and they are also probably the finance person too), and competing priorities often means those on the road are on their own.

HP Active Care changes all that, with a team working from multiple locations around the world at your service. This provides a ‘follow the sun’ capability, so if you’re New Zealand based, but working in Sacramento for a week and then hitting London for a few days, it doesn’t matter. If any issues arise, HP’s remote technical support team are ready and waiting to assist, 24/7.

Intelligent support with HP TechPulse

Modern support has come a long way and it shows in HP Active Care. Back in the day, nearly all support was on the break/fix model; it would have to fail first before anything could be done about it. While that makes sense to any logician, many if not most failures are detectable before they impact the user.

HP’s TechPulse platform is a key component in the Active Care solution. As a cloud-based telemetry and analytics platform, it aggregates data from connected devices and applications, putting deep insights at the fingertips of the Active Care team, helping predict and resolve device issues before they impact employees. TechPulse also means whenever you or any of your people has an issue, the support team immediately knows every detail about your device. Chances are, they’ll know you have an issue (and how to solve it) before you pick up the phone, because TechPulse incorporates AI-driven automation which can automatically request service for your users—before they experience a device disruption or failure.

Resolving issues remotely is an obvious first prize, but some problems (particularly hardware component failure) need classic ‘man in a van’ attention. Probably one of the most remarkable features of Active Care is that this is exactly what you’ll get when necessary – despite the fact that you might be in some far flung part of the world (which, for us Kiwis, means just about anywhere that isn’t New Zealand itself). Next Business Day Onsite Response will get you a visit from a trained HP support technician who travels to your location.

If that device is a hard drive containing company data, HP maintains chain of custody and control with best practice security processes protecting any sensitive information. Active Care even provides Accidental Damage Protection – dropping a laptop is no fun, but it happens – helping return your devices to service rapidly and with minimal fuss.

We know a good deal when we see it

We sell a lot of HP products at Acquire and they remain perennially popular especially with business users. We’re confident in recommending HP Active Care for almost any company, but especially for those with employees routinely on the road, even if it is only across New Zealand itself. That’s because receiving quality support is much harder for non-office-bound workers; Active Care takes that headache away, and it goes with your people wherever their mobile office heads next.

Not having a care in the world when it comes to support is a bit of a luxury, really, and that’s what Active Care delivers in spades.

For information check out HP Active Care or feel free to get in touch directly. We’re always happy to help.

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