The best Wi-Fi experiences are the hassle-free ones. Those where you connect instantly and stay on the network with no problems.

When college students sit down at a table to work on a project, they want to login with ease and spend the afternoon sipping coffee and searching the Internet. Patients at a doctor’s office want the same convenience as they stream videos while waiting for their appointment. For employees, Wi-Fi is critical to supporting everything from point-of-sale systems to employees clocking in and out. 

Whether you run salons, cafes, law offices or physician practices, you just want the Wi-Fi to work for you, the owner, and for anyone connecting to the network. Lots of Wi-Fi options are out there, but small businesses need more than basic home Wi-Fi and less than enterprise-grade Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi needs to be fast, reliable and secure—but also easy and affordable. Now all these hard-to-find pieces are together in one solution.

Designed for the Small and Mighty

With Aruba Instant On, a premium quality network is stress-free and small-business ready.

Created for small businesses with no or limited IT staff and about 100 users, Aruba Instant On provides high-speed Wi-Fi that’s simple to set up and affordable to own. Business owners can focus on growing the business, not on getting the Wi-Fi to work.

Aruba Instant On offers the very latest Wi-Fi technology so that your business can have a screaming fast experience even in a busy office or store. At the same time, Aruba Instant On hits all the right security points. Guests and employees can safely log in to the network and know that payments are secure and that sensitive data is protected.

Security and speed are what employees and guests see, but management and configuration hit small business owners in all the soft places, especially around time and ease of use. An Aruba Instant On network can be set up in minutes. An intuitive mobile app guides you through all the steps to set up the network to best fit your needs. If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, your IT consultant can get you up and running too. Either way, the network is easy to manage through a mobile app or a cloud-based web browser.

Most businesses will want to separate users and network traffic to improve performance and tack on another layer of security. One portion of the network could be confined to administrative work, like accounting or payroll, another for guest access, and a third for point-of-sale traffic. This setup ensures that guest traffic stays separate from business-critical traffic or payments. You also can limit how much bandwidth to use for guest Wi-Fi so that a customer watching Netflix or playing a video game won’t interfere with restocking inventory or closing the monthly books.

Built and Supported by a Trusted Brand

Aruba Instant On is a set-it-and-forget-it experience that delivers premium Wi-Fi with built-in smarts. If you are looking for peace of mind, rest assured that you’ll have the trusted brand of Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company supporting you if something goes wrong. Wi-Fi experts from a tech leader are available for questions, and a long list of consultants can offer any aid you may need. Phone support is free for the first 90 days and chat-only support is available for an entire year.

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